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BYO Mobile Plans

Bring your own mobile phone to Dodo and save! With Dodo's BYO mobile plans you can keep your existing handset but still enjoy our great value mobile service. Connect today on a short 6 month contract and get a bonus month!~
Min Cost
(over 6 months)
$119.40 $179.40 $299.40 $359.40
Standard Calls & Text* $350 $500 UNLIMITED
(ex 13/1300/1800)
Dodo to Dodo
Calls & Video
$1,000 $1,000 UNLIMITED
Mobile Data# 500MB 1GB 2.5GB 2.5GB
Excess cost per MB 50c per MB 50c per MB 50c per MB 50c per MB
Cost of 2 min call $2.15 $2.15 - -
Cost of National SMS 28c 28c - -
Plan Bonus 1 mth BONUS
(7th month)~
1 mth BONUS
(7th month)~
1 mth BONUS
(7th month)~
1 mth BONUS
(7th month)~
Show Details
Standard National &
Mobile Calls
Included in plan value UNLIMITED UNLIMITED
13/1300/1800 Calls Included in plan value - UNLIMITED
Standard SMS & MMS Included in plan value UNLIMITED UNLIMITED
International SMS/MMS Included in plan value UNLIMITED UNLIMITED
National Video Calls Included in plan value UNLIMITED UNLIMITED
Voicemail Included in plan value - UNLIMITED
International Calls - - $100
Call Rates National calls (including Voicemail & 13/1300/1800) 90c p/min (billed p/min) + 35c flagfall, National SMS 28c, National MMS 50c, International SMS 50c, International MMS 75c, National Video calls $1 p/min + 35c flagfall, International Video calls $1.50 p/min + 35c flagfall.
International Calls International Call Rates | Global Roaming Rates
Social Media Unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, eBay, LinkedIn & Foursquare within Australia^

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*Certain call types and premium services are excluded. Dodo to Dodo applies to Dodo post-paid mobile and video calls only. Once included value is reached excess usage charges apply. #For the $19.90 and $29.90 mobile plans, excess data is charged at current data rates (50c per MB) and is included in the calls and text value. For the $49.90 and $59.90 mobile plans, excess data will be charged if the included mobile data amount is exceeded. ~The 7th monthly base fee is free. Excess charges still apply. The Dodo Fair Go™ Policy applies. ^Use of these services is separate and does not count towards your included data. These features are only available if the end user's handset is compatible with the services. Dodo's Fair Go™ Policy applies. Use of embedded URLs accessed via these sites, is separate and will count towards plan included data or excess usage as applicable. Use of the Facebook SMS alert service or any other social media alert service is not included as part of the service and will be charged separately. MySpace Mobile requires an existing MySpace account. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc. Twitter and the Twitter logo are trademarks of Twitter Inc. MySpace and the MySpace logo are trademarks of MySpace, Inc. eBay and the eBay logo are trademarks of eBay Inc. LinkedIn and the LinkedIn logo are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation.